Chaos Forces in Total War: Warhammer are a Pre-Order Bonus


Release details for Warhammer Fantasy entry in Total War series include launch date, special editions, and pre-order content.

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced release plans for Total War: Warhammer, which is now set to arrive on PC April 28, 2016.

Players who pre-order will also receive the game’s first DLC expansion, Chaos Warriors Pack. The add-on content adds three more Legendary Lords from the Chaos faction, each with their own quest chain, along with new creatures and items. A trailer highlighting the race has been released.

Two special edition packages for Total War: Warhammer are being offered. The more impressive of the two, the High King Edition, comes with a collection of actually functional stuff. Inside the box is a whetstone pendant, a spinning ring which can double as a D6 in a pinch, a drinking horn, and a canvas map. Rounding out the package is an art book, a metal case for the game, and a printed strategy guide.

The High King edition is being sold for £99.99 through the game’s website, but if you’re a North American fan the shipping is also going to be a bite. Expect to pay an additional $45 getting it to the continent.

The second, simpler Limited Edition includes just the metal case and the strategy guide and will be available at participating retailers.

Source: Official Site

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