The Reborn

Chapter 1: The Beginning


     “Holbein, check the status.” Aes yelled.
     “Right away Sir,” Holbein replied.
   Two prisoners escaped from Atha’an, and the guards have caught up with them. Holbein went to the nearest rock by the stream. The wind was blowing here and there, and the eerie cry of a wolf howling through the dark woods of Atha’an sent shivers up spines. There was only a small opening of light from the moon. As Holbein scans the scene, an arrow darts by, knocking him off balance. He jumps back and stares into the dark blue, cloudy sky as more arrows rain down upon him.
     “Sir, we must go, now! If not there isn’t anytime left to spare.”
   He stands up; “No, I shall not run away from them anymore, I will face them alone and fight with honor. Go to the City of Hélène and tell the Lord, the Chaos has begun! Go now!”
     “Yes sir, take care!” Immediately replies Holbein.
   Holbein leaves the woods quickly and Aes slowly walks toward the minions that charge towards him. With his hand up high and a circular motion around the front, Aes closes his eyes and chants: “Upon the realm or Heurth, I hereby call upon the soul of the Underworld to help thee fight against the minions. Alla mi yehshitek!”
   The wind begins to blow harder and the ground beneath him rumbles as he completes his incantation, the trees tumble into the ground as the ground splits apart. Fire emanates out, burning the minions, the temperature rapidly increases to scorching, and dirt begins to slowly deliquesce. Mud hands rise grabbing the remaining minions and bury them in the ground below.
“Very good, I see you remember some inane spells; I don’t see why I can’t beat you with just a simple little spell that I read from the Scroll of Mageion.” Says Leane.
   “Then we shall see who will win this battle! I am ready whenever you are, Lord Leane.” Yells Aes.
The two of them slowly trek toward each other, eyeing directly with bursting angers in them. They both leap at an astonishing height to prompt the battle: swooshing and swirling, causing a white light to revolve around them. Aes throws lightning bolt at Leane and at the same time, Leane throws flaming balls at Aes; the enchantments seemed stronger than Leane thought. Aes yelled, “Yehshi mey.” A light shoots right through Leane and throwing him back to the ground. Leane gets up to jump back into the fight without a scratch.
   The year is 194, six years before the fight; everything is peaceful. In the Celestial world, lives the three mighty gods: Heaven, Earth, and Underworld. People on Earth called them Heurth just to avoid any confusion. The Heurth have a guardian called Leonos. Leonos is tall and handsome young man-like. He is faster than any creature on Earth and stronger than any beast. His duty is to prevent Heurth from trying to destroy each other and to keep the Celestial World in balance.
   Somewhere in the celestial world lies a forbidden scroll that may not be touched by anyone or else he will be bound with curses of darkness. One pleasant morning, Leonos decided to explore the Earth. However, he is forbidden to step foot on Earth at the penalty of imprisonment by The Heurth, and probation. The Heurth is afraid that Leonos may be condemned because of Earth’s inhabitants whom are greedy, selfish and ignorant. The Heurth finally decided that on the year 1000, they will relinquish the Earth once more to create a peaceful utopia once more.
As Leonos soars through the sky, a cave catches his eye and he decides to take his chances to explore it. The cave was bound to be entered by anyone on Earth so the people named it, Zidan the Forbidden Cave. Zidan means curse in the language of Ethenian. There is not even a sound- quiet as if a ghost was living there. As he continues deeper into Zidan, darkness falls upon him and a sour smell emerges. He can now hear the dripping sound of water. “It is too dark!” Says Leonos, “Lights up!” Little flames emerge from the cave floor showing him the path into the cave. Suddenly, he hears the sweet voice of a beautiful lady. The voice from sweet turns to sour and bitter as he was lured deeper into the cave. He then stops in his tracks, and stares at the dark figure before him. The lights from the cave floor begin to diminish. He can smell the rancid breath coming closer towards him. He was too frightened to move.
     The dark figure stops and says “You must be Leonos, the Guardian of Heurth.”
     “Yes, I am and who you might be, show yourself at once!” Shout Leonos.
     “I am Zidan, the guardian of this cave, and those who manage to make it this far do not make it out alive. I sense something in you that I cannot explain, please follow me, I shall take you to the Forbidden scroll.” Commands Zidan.
   Leonos follows Zidan deeper into the cave and into an open area with lights. Leonos gasp as he sees the hideous face of Zidan.
     Now I see why this cave is forbidden. Thinks Leonos.
   Zidan’s face is disfigured and sludgy, her hands are disfigured too, one hand longer than the other. Zidan points to towards the center of the opening area in the cave. There is a small moat surrounding a lanky rock. Upon the lanky rock where lights are shining upon it, lay a scroll.
“Read the scroll carefully and beware of the curse!” Zidan Shriek.
Leonos picks out the scroll and reads:
     “Here lies the Scroll of Celunes. To whom that obtain and reads this shall be freed from the in prison life and be a freed mind. Thou will have the powerful to rule over the Celestial World if thou pass this test. Thou will be granted a total freedom of ruling from Heurth. Thou shall say these words: Le last e camiya etsatu.”
     Leonos said, “Le last e camiya etsatu.”
   Upon chanting the words, his hands begin to shake tremendously. Light begins to darken and winds blow into a small hurricane. Leonos’s body begins to strengthen tightly, his mind is burns with horror images of his past and how he was treated badly by Heurth. A dark side slowly emerges from his mind conquering his good conscience. Eyes fill with hatred and anger. Blood gushing out from his nose, his fingernails, his ears, and his eyes; slowly his blood has drained out from his body. There lies a lifeless soul fainted on the cave floor. “Yes, my vision tells me the truth about this boy.” Zidan says and laughs out loud.

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