Chat With the Lord of the Rings Online Dev Team!


Feel like chatting up members of Turbine’s Lord of the Rings Online dev team about the upcoming Siege of Mirkwood expansion? You’ll be able to do so tonight via our sister site, WarCry.

Back in September, Turbine announced the second expansion to LotRO, Siege of Mirkwood. Siege of Mirkwood would let players level to 65 as they entered the ancient forest of Mirkwood on their way to an assault on Dol Guldur, one-time stronghold of Sauron himself. Tonight at 8 PM EST (just under four hours from now), our sister site WarCry will be hosting a developer chat with members of the Turbine team working on the game – so if you’re curious, head on over!

When: Wednesday, 11/11/2009 8pm EST


For Turbine’s LotRO team

  • Orion – Content team
  • Jalessa -Systems team
  • Sapience – (Not Patience) Online Community Specialist
  • Budgeford – Content Designer (Festivals et al)
  • JWBarry – Content Designer (Skirmish System)

Where: 6667 in #warcouncil
*General chat will be available in #warcry

*Need a way in, but don’t have IRC? No problem! Just use our browser chat

So come chat with the developers about everything you want to know about Siege of Mirkwood. We look forward to seeing you there!

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