Our comrades over at WarCry are holding a live chat in IRC with the developers of Lord of the Rings Online later today and next week. If you want to talk pipe-weed cross-breeding with Turbine themselves, don’t miss it!

The Escapist’s brothers/sisters-in-arms over at WarCry are hosting some fine folks from Tubine later today for a chat about all things Lord of the Rings Online. Here’s the skinny:

When: Today, June 3, 2009 at 8 PM EST and next week, on June 10, 2009 at 3 PM EST. The chat next week is scheduled for all you EU players.

Who: Guests from Turbine, makers of Lord of the Rings Online: Orion, Jalessa, Raskolnikov, Fantus, Graalx2, and Sapience.

Where: irc.chatspike.net 6667 in ##warcouncil

How: Via your preferred IRC client of choice, or, more conveniently, WarCry’s very own browser chat.

If you’re at all interested in LotRO, this should prove to be a fun and informative chat. So light up some pipe-weed and get to chatting. Don’t miss it!

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