Check Out Our Cosplay Fashion Show at Expo 2012


Calling all cosplayers and people who can clap.

One of the great things about conventions is that, unlike theme parks, sports stadiums and cheesy restaurants, the attendees are responsible for providing all the thematic costumes themselves. What results is a fantastic win-win situation: You get to spend the day dressed as one of your favorite characters, while we get to spend the day blown away by your efforts. We want the upcoming Escapist Expo in Durham, NC this September to be no different, so that’s why we’re inviting everyone to join us garbed in their best costume, and be part of our very own cosplay contest!

Feel free to don your flight suit, cape, or Cloak of Balduran for the entire weekend, but contest day is September 15th. Each contestant who registers will first be individually judged on his or her craftsmanship by a panel of judges led by Chiki of D20 Girls Project. Afterward, each person will be invited to take part in our Cosplay fashion show, where outfits and outfit-wearers will be graded by the community applause they can muster by strutting their stuff. Next, our judges will combine those two scores by crunching the data through a top-secret, extremely complicated super algorithm, culminating in a declaration the year’s winner.

Aside from the contest itself, what we’re looking forward to most is seeing all of your funny/scary/amazing/awkward costumes in combination with some of Expo’s other events: Princess Leia actually ducking in and out of cover mid-laser-battle for Chest High Walls, an undead corpse wearing the perfect camouflage for Humans vs. Zombies, or perhaps even a pair of [mtg_card=Guardian Lions] staring down John Finkel in one of our Magic: the Gathering tournaments.
We’ll have pre-registration for the contest available on the Expo’s site soon, but you can’t compete unless you’re coming.

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