Apparently there’s a way to keep P.T. on your PlayStation 4 after all – rebuilding it in Fallout 4.

Survival horror fans will probably never quite get over P.T. and the Silent Hills game that could have been. Still, despite the fact that you can’t get P.T. for PlayStation 4 anymore, there’s apparently the option to recreate it using Fallout 4. At least that’s what one player recently proved, redesigning the popular demo on a PS4 and uploading the results to YouTube.

While this video doesn’t cover P.T.‘s full playtime or actual game assets, it’s an solid recreation all the same. It shows a player exploring the same layout of P.T.‘s hallways, copying each loop with objects replaced by Fallout 4 equivalents. A silhouetted mutant even stands-in for the monster, but the best touch is opening a Pip Boy to find “Don’t”, “Touch”, “That”, and “Dial” listed as weapons.

Fallout 4‘s PC modders could produce something more robust, but this is an undeniably impressive and creepy effort all th same. It almost leaves me wondering if Fallout 4 might host the next survival horror hit when the Creation Kit launches in April.

Source: GamesRadar

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