Check Out The Best Method To Farm Unlimited Liquid Divinium in Zombies Chronicles

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Power up that GobbleGum in Black Ops 3: Zombies with this method for fast (and easy) unlimited Liquid Divinium.

Liquid Divinium is a unique resource used to power up the Dr. Monty’s Factory in the main menu of Black Ops 3 zombies. The valuable stuff is used to upgrade your GobbleGum, essentially perks, turning whatever you’ve unlocked into “Mega” versions that provide even more enhancements in-game.

The problem is, Liquid Divinium is basically random. But, thanks to some trickery and a hungry fanbase, the Zombies community has discovered a way to hunt for endless Liquid Divinium.

This fast method for farming comes from two Call of Duty: Zombies masters on YouTube, The Glitching Queen and TheGamingRevolution. Check out their channels for even more Zombies content.

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How To Farm Liquid Divinium | 9 Per Hour

This method, if done properly, can get you around 9 Divinium per hour. That’s about one Liquid Divinium about 5-6~ minutes in-game per Liquid Divinium.

NOTE: No GobbleGums are required. If you want to use them, stick to the basics — you won’t need to worry about losing them.

This method, basically, requires you to get to Round 7 and then start buying tons and tons of wall-buys. Liquid Divinium drops randomly from a multitude of tasks in Zombies maps, and wall-buying is one of those activities.

Farming Guide – Step-by-Step

The best map to farm Liquid Divinium is Zetsubou No Shima in Zombies Chronicles for Black Ops 3. Why?

To the left and right of the exterior GobbleGum machine (near the RK5 pistol wallbuy) there are two zombie spawn windows. You can perfectly control these windows with two players — zombies will only spawn at these two windows, as long as you stay at the windows and don’t move too far.

There is a third window in the area, opposite the sign post, that sometimes will spawn zombies, but won’t happen often unless you move during the Spider Round. The spiders will spawn between Round 5-7 and let you skip ahead.

This can be done solo or with a single partner.

  • Step #1: Immediately go to the RK5 wallbuy and stand at the windows to the left / right.
  • Step #2: Buy the RK5 and control the two windows. Headshot zombies, build barricades, and re-up ammo at the RK5 wallbuy.
  • Step #3: The window nearest to the Shiva wallbuy spawns far, far more Zombies. If you’re watching the RK4 wallbuy window, give your helper a hand with horde.
  • Step #4: At Round 7, begin buying the RK5 wallbuy over and over again. Waste ammo, reload and buy. Use your collection of 4k-5k~ credits to purchase the RK5 (250 credits) as often as possible.
  • Step #5: A Liquid Divinium is all but guaranteed. You shouldn’t have to spend many credits, either. Keep buying ammo and you’ll eventually get the drop.

It’s just that easy. If you kill zombies fast, you can get to Round 7 in 4-5~ minutes in-game, not counting loading time. When you get the Liquid Divinium, exit the match and start a new game.

That’s it! Very easy, and possible for anyone, even beginners, to get all the Mega GobbleGums.

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