Artist Katrina Young shows us a terrifying vision of gigantic Pokemon rebelling against their human overlords.

Does anyone else ever wonder why the monsters of the Pokemon universe never rebel against their human overlords for keeping them in tiny balls and forcing them to fight? To celebrate last week’s launch of Pokemon: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, artist Katrina Young has painted a vision of such a world, and gone ahead and pumped up the Pokemon to adequately monstrous sizes to boot. Check out her amazing fan-art of gigantic Pokemon wreaking havoc on the human world:

“Charzilla” and Lord Helix are my favorites, but the bloodthirsty Pikachu, and the Ninetails that pays tribute to the Japanese legend it is based on, are still pretty impressive.

Additionally, as a bonus, regular-sized Pokemon image, Kat also sent us this adorable picture of all of the “Eveeloutions” arranged in the shape of a heart. D’awwww. (click to enlarge):


If you liked these, be sure to check out Kat’s website. As well as Pokemon fan art, she’s done some pretty impressive BioShock, Dr. Who and The Last of Us pieces, and also takes commissions.

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