Check Out This Amputee Cosplayer’s Legit Furiosa Prosthetic Arm


This awesome Furiosa cosplayer has a legit prosthetic arm.

Mad Max: Fury Road was pretty much the surprise hit of 2015, and Furiosa, the female lead, managed to outside Max himself in many of her scenes. The connected with a lot of people as a strong, well-written female, and really pulled the movie together.

Meet Laura, a cosplayer who just so happened to share the same amputation as Mad Max‘s Furiosa, leading to her pulling off a one-of-a-kind representation of the character during this year’s MomoCon:


Pretty sweet right? But you know what would make this costume even sweeter? How about an actual prosthetic arm? Cue prop maker Msleeper, who has always considered it a “dream job” of hers to build an actual prosthetic Terminator arm. So, after seeing Mad Max and meeting Laura, Msleeper just had to make her a bad-ass Furiosa arm.

Check out the arm in all of it’s glory, as well as it attached to Laura in cosplay at Dragoncon:

Source: The RPF

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