There’s just something adorable about a Stormtrooper action figure and a tiny Lego Stormtrooper enjoying the day together.

I know that Stormtroopers don’t really grow up at all, them being clones and all, but if they did it might look like this comic by Christian Cantrell. Cantrell’s work is called microkosmic, which he says is derived both from the fact that the origin of the word cosmos is spelled with a “K” in Greek but also because “some douchebag is squatting on, so I had no choice.” The comic isn’t really a comic but is derived from photos of familiar toys like Legos and action figures. Why? “Because people scare me, but most toys do not.” Still, this comic entitled “Stormtrooper Scrapbook” touches some deep well of paternal feeling in me, perhaps because I will soon become a father myself.

The rest of Cantrell’s comics on microcosmic are extraordinary, and not all of them are safe for children, but I got a kick out of them today nonetheless. “Impregnation” depicts everyone’s favorite Alien face-hugger while “3-CEO” is so genius that I wish I had thought of it.

Head over to microkosmic for even more hilarious photography comics.

Source: microkosmic

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