If you’ve got both a 360 and a PC that can play Crysis 2, this video will probably help you make up your mind about which version of the game to buy.

Crysis 2 is due out on March 25th, but some folks aren’t sure which version to get because they more than one system that can play the game. To help with that decision, a video has recently surfaced on the Web that showcases how the game compares on a high-end PC (all the graphics settings are turned up to the max) with the 360 version.

Most of these scenes don’t really showcase the action in Crysis 2, they instead feature static shots. Obviously, the PC build features superior lighting effects, but even the 360 build seems like it holds its own pretty well. What would be really useful would be a comparison that highlights how the game performs when a player’s in the middle of a firefight.

Of course, no one should be surprised that the game looks much more impressive on a high-end PC than it does on the 360; that’d be like being surprised that a porsche goes faster than a semi. But it is a bit surprising that the 360 build looks so good. According to the caption at the top of the video, another video will soon be released that features comparisons between the PC, 360, and PS3 versions of Crysis 2.

Source: Geek

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