Last night’s debate featured some big names talking about whether or not games should be subject to legislation, and now you can watch the entire thing.

Last night in San Francisco, the Commonwealth Club hosted a debate about violent videogames. On one side was George Rose, Executive VP and Chief Public Policy Officer for Activision Blizzard, while James Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense Media, sat on the other. Law professor Michael W. McConnell was also on the panel, providing legal expertise. John Diaz, an editorial page editor for the San Francisco Chroncle, served as a moderator for the debate.

Steyer was actually a last-minute substitute for Leland Yee, the California State Senator who penned the controversial law about violent videogames that was recently debated in front of the Supreme Court. Yee (presumably) had to be replaced because of the California budget debate that took place yesterday, but Steyer seems like a decent substitute to argue against violent videogames, which have often been maligned by Common Sense Media.

The debate itself is actually rather interesting to watch, as everybody comes across as fairly reasonable while they talk (though you may not agree with every point mentioned). One of the most interesting points, though, was that absolutely nobody on the panel thought that the Supreme Court would side with the 2005 legislation that Yee had authored.

Source: GamePolitics

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