Child Must Have Thought a Gun Was a Wii Remote, Mother Says


A young girl was fatally shot after mistaking her step-father’s gun for a Wii Controller, her mother said.

So, imagine you’re home and you hear an intruder. Like any good homeowner, you grab your gun to deal with them. Then, realizing it wasn’t anything that required the sweet kiss of hot lead, you put the loaded gun down on the end-table, safety off, and forget about it. Totally reasonable, right? Who would expect that when your three-year-old step-daughter is playing the next day, she would find it and shoot herself?

That’s exactly what happened in an unidentified household in Tennessee, according to Wilson County Sheriff Terry Ashe. According to her mother, the girl may have thought the gun the girl’s step-father left on the table was a Wii controller. It’s worth noting that the mother was actually in the room when the incident occurred, yet apparently failed to notice – or perhaps care – that her child was playing with the weapon.

Just remember, when you leave a gun unsecured and out on the table, and it ends in the death of your child, surely videogames are to blame.

Source: Fox News via Destructoid

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