Children’s Choir of teh Internet Sings “6 Days of Minecraft”


The man who turned a children’s choir rendition of “Still Alive” into a viral hit is back with a Valentine tune about Minecraft.

Remember when the Gifford Children’s Choir knocked it out of the park with an amazing rendition of the Portal track “Still Alive?” Choir director Jack Senzig has moved on to other things since then, the Children’s Choir of teh Internet being of particular relevance to our interests, and now, after months of work, Senzing and company have released their latest effort, “6 Days of Minecraft.”

“I like Minecraft because my own children can play it and for its usefulness as a creative playground,” Senzig said. And while an Indiegogo campaign to fund the creation of the song and video failed to meet its target, it was still a valuable experience. “I have enjoyed trying to learn new ways to promote and fund music programs through the internet,” he continued. “Each step and misstep has been an education.”

It’s not bad, eh? I think I prefer the “Still Alive” light show and the new video doesn’t have the emotional release of the crowd’s reaction at the end, but the song is a lot of fun and the Minecraft gameplay crossover, which was apparently built entirely by hand in Survival mode, works really well.

The Children’s Choir of teh Internet also recently recorded a track for the upcoming Cloud Cult album Love, which comes out in March. To find out more about the group and keep tabs on what it’s getting up to, check out

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