The Chinese government holds up its hand and says, “I got this. Don’t worry.”

Military intelligence. Wireless cable. Dark Sun. Living Dead. On par with these oxymorons is the idea that China is getting tough on piracy when “Chinese knockoffs” can still be found throughout the world. Even their theme parks heavily use Western trademarks like World of Warcraft. If the growth of trade between China and the rest of the world is to continue, foreign trademark holders like Hollywood and the gaming industry need some assurance the communist government will continue to prosecute pirates withing its borders. Now, the Chinese government does seem committed to the task, setting up an agency to deal with the problem through the Ministry of Commerce.

“China faces an arduous task fighting IPR infringement as well as the production and sale of fake products, so greater administrative and law enforcement efforts are needed,” a statement from the Chinese government said.

So far, China has prosecuting more than 28,000 criminal cases of intellectual property theft and more than 6,700 criminal gangs who were either supplying, storing or transporting pirated goods have been broken up.

Dang it, this is just gonna make it harder to buy a “Coach” bag for my wife when we shop in New York’s Chinatown next week. (For the record, I’m just kidding. I can’t even afford the knockoffs in Chinatown … )

Source: Variety

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