Chinese Gamer Gives New Meaning to “Big Screen”


An evidently wealthy gamer in China dropped an estimated $15,000 to play a MMO on the biggest LED screen in Asia, one that measures 820 feet from end to end.

An unnamed Chinese gamer who apparently can’t find enough things to do with his money decided to blow some of it playing an MMO on the giant LED screen that makes up the ceiling of “The Place” shopping center in Beijing. It’s the largest LED screen Asia, 250 meters long by 30 meters wide, which works out to a gargantuan 7500 square meters, or for our metrically-challenged readers, nearly 81,000 square feet. The screen is normally used to display a gigantic virtual aquarium and video feeds from live events.

Using the ceiling of a shopping mall for your own personal online gaming isn’t cheap and “insiders” suggested the experience “might cost” as much as ¥100,000, which works out to a little over $15,000. And what could possibly drive someone to drop that kind of coin on one night of gaming on a screen bigger than a football field? Word on the street is that the man in question is a guild leader in the Chinese MMO Magic World Online 2 and was feeling a little screen envy after the head of a competing guild played the game in an IMAX theater.

It’s impressive, I suppose, in a conspicuously consumerish way, but it sure doesn’t look very comfortable.

Source:, via DVice

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