Chinese Teens Steal Electric Cable to Pay For Games

Power Lines

Two teens in Sequian city stole more than three hundred meters of construction grade electrical cable to fund their gaming hobbies.

Videogames can be addictive. The first all-nighter of my life was a direct result of my getting a new game that day and being so enthralled that I couldn’t stop playing. Granted, the seven Coca-Colas I drank over the course of the night may have played a part as well, but that’s beside the point. My obsession with that particular game eventually led to my staying awake for a grand total of fifty-two straight hours, and stands to this day as probably one of the dumber things I’ve done for videogames. I am, of course, completely outclassed by the stupid and sometimes horrific things others around the world have done, and continue to do in the name of gaming.

Take the recent case of two Chinese teenagers who stole and sold more than three hundred meters of construction grade electrical cable with the goal of funding their online gaming. The pair, Hu and Li, met at an internet café and, after devising their cable caper, set out to rob construction zones in the city of Suqian.

What’s remarkable about their crime is the considerable effort the pair put into their thievery. Generally speaking, crimes like these bring to mind stupid kids out for easy money. For Hu and Li, easy money apparently meant climbing two-story electric poles and severing potentially live cables that they then wrapped themselves in before climbing down to the ground. It really makes you wonder if there would have been some point where the two might have considered an actual job to be an easier alternative.

While Chinese police were mum on how they tracked down two bandits, Hu and Li both allegedly confessed to the crime. That being the case, officials were unable to recover any of the stolen cable. The boys had already sold it and spent the proceeds on online gaming, as planned.

Source: Kotaku

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