Chrono Trigger Symphony: Volume 1 Gets Release Date


Musician Blake Robinson will be releasing his Chrono Trigger orchestra album on August 22nd.

Just in case OC ReMix’s epic Balance and Ruin album wasn’t enough to scratch your itch for retro game music, musician Blake Robinson has revealed that he’ll soon be releasing Chrono Trigger Symphony: Volume 1. The album, which will be comprised of unique arrangements of music from the classic RPG, should become available through Loudr and iTunes starting on August 22nd.

Robinson, who uses professional grade music software to replicate live instruments, has dedicated himself to the production of videogame music, both new and existing. Some of his past work includes cover songs, soundtracks for indie games, and a pair of albums based on the music of Super Metroid and Banjo-Kazooie. Chrono Trigger Symphony will be the most expansive project he’s ever undertaken, with Volume 1 expected to be only the first of “several volumes” necessitated by “the sheer amount of content in the soundtrack.”

No matter how many albums he puts out, Robinson will probably be able to count on an eager audience for his arrangements. Chrono Trigger is widely regarded as one of the best RPGs to grace the Super NES and, since its release, has developed a dedicated fanbase likely to eat this sort of content up. Those same fans better be ready to pay, however. Robinson went to the trouble of getting an official license for his arrangements, meaning he has the legal right to sell his work for a profit. Judging by the preview he’s released however, the music will be well worth it.

Source: Chrono Trigger Symphony

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