Citizen Sleeper DLC Episode 3 Purge gets a March 2023 release date, along with PlayStation (PS4, PS5) versions of the game.

Publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Jump Over the Age have announced the third Citizen Sleeper DLC episode, Purge, will launch for PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S on March 30, 2023. Citizen Sleeper will then jump to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 the next day, March 31, bringing Purge and its two preceding DLC episodes with it. This latest content drop will be its last, marking the end of Citizen Sleeper’s three-episode DLC arc and its post-launch roadmap.

As with the previous DLC episodes, Flux and Refuge, Purge is free and will be made available to players as part of an update. In discussing the March Citizen Sleeper Episode: Purge release date, Jump Over the Age said players can expect “a thrilling late-game storyline that delivers an immersive new narrative arc introducing additional characters, lore, and locations.” Furthermore, “Players returning to Erlin’s Eye might even find themselves running into some familiar faces!”

Citizen Sleeper launched last year and is a tabletop RPG-inspired story game that thrusts players onto a ruined space station. You are a human consciousness placed into an artificial body, surviving in a strange place while fostering relationships with other inhabitants and various factions.

Citizen Sleeper Episode: Purge will send its sci-fi story out with a bang with sales across all platforms. For those on PC, Switch, and Xbox, you’ll be able to pick up Citizen Sleeper for 30% off. PlayStation players will get a slightly smaller discount at 20% off when the launch arrives at the end of the month. It’s a fitting send-off to Jump Over the Age and Fellow Traveller’s cyberpunk TTRPG. Stay tuned for what the studio has planned next.

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