Civilization IV Comes Complete In May

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If you’ve been waiting to play Civilization IV in its authoritative form, look out for the Complete Edition this May, which includes the original game and all the expansions in a single package.

Since the release of Civilization IV in 2005, the game has seen two expansion packs in the form of Warlords and Beyond the Sword, and, more recently, a Civ IV-based remake of Sid Meier’s classic, Colonization. That’s quite the bounty of content, and if you’re like me and saw this whole thing coming a mile away, you’ve been waiting all this time so that you could just play it all at once.

The chance to do that will come on May 12, when 2K releases Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: The Complete Edition, which will include the original game, the two expansions and Colonization in “one complete package.”

The package will be available at retail (no mention of digital distribution) and will run for the value price of $39.99. 2K made a point to tell everyone that it’s not an evil company that hates gamers by reminding us that it’s “entirely DRM free.” So far this is a PC-only deal, which makes sense considering Colonization still hasn’t made its way to Macs.

$40 bucks is a steal, considering there’s already a Civ IV “complete” package on Steam that runs for $50 but doesn’t come with Colonization. Of course you have to leave your house to buy this, but who knows, that could be a blessing it disguise.

I have a tradition of being totally behind when it comes to the Civ games. I didn’t play Civilization III until a month or two before Civ IV got announced. So, in keeping with that, maybe when I get around to playing this, we’ll see a Civ V announcement. Or not.

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