Cliff Bleszinski: “I’ll Never Make Another Disc-Based Game”

cliff bleszinski

Former Gears of War mastermind Cliff Bleszinski says his future lies with the PC, but not with games in boxes.

Nobody is quite sure what Cliff Bleszinski has been up to since he split with Epic Games in 2012, but whatever he has planned for the future, maintaining a close connection with the community is at the top of his priority list. That, to him, means making games for the PC.

“PC is where I’m going to wind up. That’s where the community is,” he told Gamasutra. “The trend will always be the core. If I start a studio, I want a community manager there day one. I want weekly video or podcasts; I want task lists available on the subreddit.”

And what he doesn’t want are games on discs inside boxes sitting on shelves. “The whole ‘old guard,’ where you get a Game Informer cover and an E3 reveal, is dead,” he continued. “I’ll never make another disc-based game for the rest of my career, and [at E3] they’re trying to woo buyers from Target and Walmart?”

Bleszinski’s comments have a certain timeliness to them, coming as they do on the heels of Ken Levine’s announcement earlier today that he’s pulling the plug on Irrational Games in order to launch a new venture that will “focus exclusively on content delivered digitally.” But is conventional triple-A development really dead (or even dying), or is it just something you can afford to abandon once you’ve made your name (and your fortune) at the top of major hit-making studio? I imagine it’s a lot more fun to be a starving artist when you’re not actually starving.

Source: Gamasutra

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