Cliff Bleszinski Wants You to Like This Terminator Unreal Mod


Epic Games’ Cliff(y B)lezsinski thinks this fan-made Unreal Engine mod based on the Terminator films is superb, and he’s not really wrong.

Arguments with indie devs aside, Epic’s free Unreal Development Kit is viewed by many as one of the best ways for aspiring gamemakers to start proving their stuff with the goal of eventually joining the industry. It’s a powerful engine, and gives talented would-be creators the tools to bring a vision to life.

In this case, the man behind FPS Terminator happened to have a vision of the Terminator films. So he decided to make that vision into a game. And frankly, from the available videos of the mod, said game looks pretty darn good. Yes, it’s rough around the edges, but let’s remember that this is an Alpha version of a mod created by a three-man team (and two out of those three were just working on the sound). Roughness aside, it captures the feel of combat against Skynet’s army from the Terminator films almost exactly.

The cool-looking mod didn’t go unnoticed, either – it was spotted by Epic’s frontman Cliff Blezsinski, who Tweeted, “Check out this SWEET FPS Terminator mod. These guys are going to get a job in the biz if they haven’t already.”

Kind words, Cliffy. FPS Terminator creator Kevin had some kudos to give to Epic in return: “The move from a mod to Indie not dramatical [sic] increased the number of watchers, but also wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for Epic Games inc. releasing the Unreal Development Kit, in my opinion the most powerful toolkit for creating games in the industry, for no cost. So I have major respect for Epic.”

So hugs and respect all around, yeah? In all seriousness, the mod looks great, and it – plus some public props from Mr. Blezsinski – might just help aspiring gamemaker Kevin get his foot in the door.

(Twitter, ModDB)

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