Clive Barker’s Undying Attempts to Produce Hit Game: Jericho


Gaming connoisseurs may remember a 2001 PC title called Undying, the story for which was supplied in part by horror master novelist Clive Barker.

Unfortunately, they may be the only ones who remember the title, which threw the player into an engrossing plot with eery, immersive sound as she battled demons with weapons and magic.

Though the game received warm applause across the board from critics, its sales were miserable, causing the developer to cancel plans for either a multiplayer patch or a sequel.

Now, Barker is trying his hand at the craft again with a new horror-themed game called Jericho, and, according to Gamespot’s initial impressions the result looks promising so far.

Slated to arrive this year concurrently on the PC, 360 and PS3, Jericho sets the player in a parallel universe where a pre-human creature first created and then rejected by God seeks to establish hegemony.

The player apparently operates a set of several squad members sent to strike down the threat with a combination of brawn and guile. The game features a heavily scripted single-player storyline, but no multiplayer. Gamespot deemed the in-house engine, developed by Mercury Steam, “visually and artistically impressive.”

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