Club Nintendo is No More

club nintendo goodbye

There’s still no word on what Nintendo intends to replace the now-defunct rewards program with.

Earlier in the year, Nintendo surprised its loyal fans by announcing that Club Nintendo, it’s long-standing rewards program, would be shutting down. Well, today July 1st has come, meaning that the program has officially closed its doors, all Club Nintendo accounts have been deleted, and all unspent stars have returned to whence they came.

What’s a little bit disappointing is despite the closure, there is still no word on what will be replacing it. Back when Nintendo first announced the end of Club Nintendo, it stated that something else would be coming along, and we had all assumed that that “something else” would be ready by the time Club Nintendo closed its doors.

“Our heartfelt thanks to our members for your support over the years. Please stay tuned for more information on our new loyalty program,” wrote Nintendo on the official Club Nintendo website.

It also reminded fans that all download codes redeemed from Club Nintendo will expire on July 31, 2015, so please be sure to download your game from the Nintendo eShop before that date, and that all physical rewards will be shipped out by the end of September.

It’s a shame to see the club go. While the rewards were not exactly spectacular, it was always nice to get some little trinket as a reward for buying a bunch of games.

Source: Nintendo

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