CNet Acquires GameKult


Web conglomerate CNet has acquired French gaming website GameKult.

CNet Networks, the parent company of Gamespot, has purchased French gaming website GameKult for an undisclosed sum.

A statement in CNet’s annual reports reads, “Ranked among the top two gaming sites in France with over one million users per month (NNR Nielsen, December 2006), GameKult is widely recognized in the industry as an authoritative voice on news, trends and video game product reviews.”

GameKult’s announcement on the acquisition states: “Today, to continue to have the means of our ambitions, we decided to join CNET Networks, the group behind Gamespot. This integration will enable us to accelerate the development of the site while preserving its teams, her leading singularity and its ‘spirit’. Our leading independence is one of our forces, and it will continue to remain it.”

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