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Codemasters is now “re-evalauting” ways to integrate its community platforms with online services like RaceNet but says it will be awhile before it can get anything up and running.

If you play any Codemasters games, you may have noticed that its forums are offline. All Codemasters forums are offline, in fact, and there’s actually a pretty simple reason: The deal with the service provider expired and Codemasters didn’t have a Plan B.

“Our current forum supplier contract has come to an end, and we are re-evaluating how best we can integrate our community platform and channels with other online services such as RaceNet,” a message posted where the forums used to be states. “Until then, please keep in touch with us via Facebook / Twitter where it’s business as usual.”

It seems like an odd sort of thing to overlook, but the good news for Codemasters is that few people seem to mind, or even to have noticed. There’s no obvious mention of it on the company’s Facebook page nor any great influx of complaints on Twitter; Codemasters did address the situation there, however, saying, “It was the last thing we wanted. We’re doing our best to get something up and running but it will take sometime.”

The U.K.-based Codemasters is best known as the developer and publisher of racing franchises including F1, GRID and DiRT, and in April 2012 announced that it would focus exclusively on the racing genre.

Source: Codemasters forums

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