They might just want to calculate your hyperbolae, but now graphing calculators will also be forced to play Doom.

A programmer has figured out how to get the original version of Doom running on a graphing calculator. The productivity of the world’s students is officially doomed. Yup.

DJOmnimaga demonstrates the game running on a TI-Nspire graphing calculator. This is an actual port of Doom called nDoom, and not a clone.

Unfortunately, it only runs for 20-60 seconds before a problem typically occurs, so the project is still a work in progress. According to DJOmnimaga, sometimes the graphics will get distorted, the screen will turn black, or the game will totally freeze. For a machine designed to calculate y = a sin(bx + c), I’m still impressed.

I feel really bad for math teachers though. Now when they think they’re getting through to students that are deeply engrossed in their graphing calculators, they’re really just losing them to a life of fragging demons.

Source: Omnimaga, via Game Informer

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