Cole Strikes With Fire and Ice in Latest InFamous 2 Trailer


InFamous 2 will add fire and ice-based powers to main character Cole’s repertoire.

Sucker Punch gave fans a slight hint that the Cole in InFamous 2 would be able to wield more than electricity, and now that idea has been 100% confirmed. The latest “Quest for Power” trailer reveals that Cole will not only be able to control electricity in the sequel, but fire and ice as well.

The trailer features Cole talking to (mostly) trusted friend Zeke about how he’s going to infiltrate an area to acquire new powers. While some of these expand on the electricity-only theme of InFamous, others take Cole into a whole new realm.

Cole is able to quickly generate an ice stalagmite at his feet to propel himself through the air, and also generate a field of these stalagmites to take down enemies. In the spectrum of fire, Cole can dive into enemies like a phoenix to create an explosion, or perform a “fire suck” move that appears to disable enemy weaponry. Cole has new electricity-based powers too, with the trailer showing Cole hurling cars and throwing around electricity like a track star to cause massive damage.

The end of the trailer features Cole and Zeke saying: “Half as long, twice as bright.” This quote appeared in Blade Runner in reference to a candle whose life will end more quickly the brighter that it burns. If this exchange means anything, Cole may face a similar end by taking in so many new powers.

InFamous 2 is scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3 on June 7, 2011.

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