Collect All Gold Coins in King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember With Our Guide

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Fill your coffers and solve more puzzles with these useful gold coin locations in King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember.

If you’re not careful, it’s easy to waste your valuable gold and find yourself completely penniless. Don’t fall into that trap, see where to find three additional gold coins and keep plenty of cash to pay off the various Daventry merchants and bridge trolls.

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A Knight to Remember – All Gold Coin Locations

Not all gold coins are required — many puzzles have alternate solutions, but if you’re stuck and really need an extra gold coin, here are some places to find them.

Coin #1:

The first gold coin is found on the other side of Olfie the Troll’s bridge. You’ll need to convince Olfie you’re a Bridge Troll too, ask if he likes Bandicoot, and offer him a pie you can gain by collecting the ingredients for the Bakery.

Call Olfie with the horn mouthpiece and cross the fallen gap and continue to the right. There’s a gold coin on the ground.

To get the pie, you’ll have to enter the Tournament of Hopeful Knights and enter the town. Talk to the Baker and make a deal — he’ll ask for ingredients and one gold coin. Get the fruit picker item from a soldier to the left of the pumpkin patch, then go to the area to the right of the sign where you’ll find a tree with a beehive. Use the fruit picker to get the starberries.

Sugar shrooms are in the area with the hole trap. Jump down inside to get some. Return the ingredients to the baker and pay one gold coin to collect your pie.

Coin #2:

This coin is only available if you purchased the fake tournament ticket from the merchant at the start of the chapter.

Before you can officially enter the Tournament and become a knight, you’ll need to find Achaka in the well from the beginning of the game. Buy the Weed-whacker and cut through the vines over the well entrance, then follow Achaka and mimic his jumps. Complete the battle against the dragon to get some arrow and rope training from Achaka. You’ll need the training to get the next gold coin.

Go up the hill past the dark cave, the one that requires the pumpkin lantern to enter, and continue right until you find a tree with ropes. Use the bow and arrow to cross and rescue the merchant from goblins. Now you can talk to the crooked merchant and demand your gold coin back. That’s one more bad deal rectified.

Coin #3:

The last gold coin is found inside the dark cave mentioned in the section above. It’s near the King’s shrine. There’s no way inside without a lantern, so return to the area outside of town with the meat trap. Grab the hanging meat, then return to the Tournament grounds where there’s a badger in a big bush. Use the meat to capture the badger, then travel to the pumpkin patch.

Unleash the badger to scare off the squirrels, and grab your lantern reward. Take the lantern to the potion shop to gain the pumpkin lantern. Now you can enter the dark, spooky cave.

Go through the cave and continue right until you see several holes in the background. One of these holes has a gold coin inside that’s easy to miss.

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