Collect All The Dolls, Stones and Letters Hidden In Chapter 2 Of Perception

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Explore the past and collect all the hidden notes, memories, letters and dolls with the complete collectibles guide for Chapter 2 of Perception.

Swapping settings, you’ll travel into the past and explore the life of Betty. The house is very different, and the collectibles change too — no more audio tapes to listen to here. Instead, you’ll need to track down notes as you explore, along with all the regular memory-triggering items.

Keep scrolling for locations on each collectible, or browse the links to find all the extra items available in the other chapters of Perception.

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Chapter 2 Collectible Locations

Memory #1: Near the door to the garage, take the stairs down into the TV room. It’s been replaced with a carnival game. Collect the baseball in the bowl.

Memory #2: From the Dining Room, enter the room with the stairs and go right to the entrance hall. There’s a pile of sticks you can examine to the left of the door.

Doll #1: In the same entrance hall, down from the large stair, there’s a bench to the left with a doll collectible.

Memory #3: Take the large staircase up to the second floor and immediately turn right. There’s a trophy that will trigger a memory here.

Memory #4: Enter the hallway to the right of the large staircase on the first floor. There’s a letter here with a memory.

Memory #5: Before going through the door that leads into the collapsed hallway, find the memory letter on the nearby desk.

Memory #6: Squeeze through the collapsed passage and follow the path to another room on the left. There’s a table in the center of the room with another memory-triggering letter.

Memory #7: On the floor, in the rubble to the right of the table with the previous memory, there’s a tiny matchbook. Scan it with your smart phone to collect it.

Memory #8: Through the double doors in the area with the gurneys, you’ll get a memory about the cargo holds. Enter the doors, and look on the floor straight ahead.

Memory #9: Go to the flooded building and stick to the right wall until you reach a fireplace room. As you’re about to leave, a collectible book will plunk into the water from a window. Grab it before moving on.

Memory #10: Back by the staircase in the flooded room, look for a music book on the stool in front of the grand piano.

Memory #11: Go upstairs and enter the nearest door to the right. There’s a note on the floor, in the back of this room.

Letter #1: From the upstairs room with the previous collectible, enter the hallway to the right and follow the path to a letter you can collect and scan.

Memory #12: Navigate the maze-like paths filled with sandbags until you find a room with beds and a closet. Inside the closet, examine the crumpled lingerie.

Memory #13: In the same room, open the chest at the foot of the bed.

Memory #14: Enter the graveyard and rush to the back-right corner. Behind the second mausoleum, look on the exterior for a strange helmet.

Memory #15: Sprint to the barn after collecting the key, and look on the small table in the room to the left of the locked doors to get a note.

Memory #16: Unlock the doors to the barn itself and run to the back-right, there’s another small table with a note.

Letter #2: Opposite the previous note near the radio, there’s a small passage built with crates with a letter you can scan in the dead end.

Memory #17: Rush back to the main house from the barn, past the stairs and toward the entrance hallway. Before entering dining room leading to the grand staircase room, there’s a table with a note (with a memory) on the table.

Doll #2: Take the pole from the barn to access the attic. Upstairs, find the doll on the covered sofa near an easel.

Memory #18: In the attic, find this note on the telegraph desk.

Memory #19: Follow the foghorn to the bathroom to find the ticket in Betty’s hand.

Memory #20: Take the small sack hanging from a long rope when you reappear in the dream after getting the Silver Star ticket.

That’s all the collectibles for Chapter 2 of Perception. Follow The Escapist as we continue the hunt in Chapter 3.

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