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Halo 3: ODST is now part of the Master Chief Collection, and whether you’re new or an old veteran to this sub-entry in the legendary FPS series, it’s worth tracking down all thirty missing audio logs.

Unlike other Halo adventures, your trooper needs stealth to survive in a dangerous city swarming with enemy aliens. By the second missions, players are free to explore a massive cross-section of Mombasa. Spread around the occupied buildings and burnt rubble, the AI overseer has left downloadable messages that link to form a side-story that’s only completed when you find every lost message.

This is old news to fans, but ODST was just added to the Master Chief Collection with some graphical upgrades to befit the improved power of the Xbox One. Whether you missed out, new, or want to squeeze more gameplay out of an FPS oddity, check out the map below specially made to point out every audio log location.

Audio Logs Locations Guide [Full Map]

29 out of 30 Audio Logs are located on M2: Mombasa Streets. Change the difficulty to Rookie to make city exploration much easier.

To find logs, listen for ringing telephones, sirens, ticket dispensers, or other noises. These sounds are meant to alert your soldier to hidden log locations.

Collecting logs also unlocks Supply Caches — certain caches contain the Mongoose vehicle. This one-man four-wheeler makes getting around much faster, so grab it when you can.

After collecting all 29 Audio Logs located on M2: Mombasa Streets, the final Audio Log can be found on M9: Data Hive.

  • Audio Log #30 – M9: Data Hive: After meeting an ally, you’ll reach a data stack. Lift it up and drop down through the second hole, and the NPC ally will follow you down. This only occurs after collecting the previous 29 Audio Logs. When he goes to investigate a sound, follow him and he’ll lead you to the final audio log.
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