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The first Uncharted returns on the PS4 included with the new Remastered collection. That includes all three of Nathan Drake’s original adventures, but here we’re focusing on Drake’s Fortune — the game that started it all. It’s absolutely packed with hidden treasures and strange relics, and we’ve got the locations.

Before Uncharted 4 lands next year, we’ve got this trilogy of upscaled stories to wade through. Like Indiana Jones with a lot more people to shoot, Nathan Drake and Uncharted are pulpy adventure stories centering on ancient relics or civilizations. Usually there’s a bad guy involved that wants to exploit some great power at the heart of it all, and Nate, along with a crew of reoccurring pals, fight and gun their way through hordes of goons to save the world. It’s much more involved than it sounds, and all three games are filled to the brim with hidden collectibles. To make life just a little easier for new or returning treasure hunters, we’ve put together a text list helping you get every single secret item in Drake’s Fortune.

All Treasures Collectible Locations

There are a total of 60 treasures and one strange relic in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Check out each location in the chapter headings below.

Chapter 2

  • Silver Mosaic Inca Earring: While exploring the jungle with Sully, you’ll enter a narrow ravine while moving up a stream toward a waterfall. Just as you exit the ravine, look on the rocks to the left.
  • Jeweled Silver Monkey: In the temple area with the rectangle pillars dotting the area, move left to climb up and around to the large rock Nate needs to push. While jumping across the pillars toward the stone, look for an out-of-the-way pillar with a tree on top. Jump to this one to find the monkey.
  • Decorated Gold Ring: Entering the temple itself, you’ll explore into a room with a raised platform across a bottomless pit. Stick to the left side and look behind a column behind some rickety wooden scaffolding that’s partially fallen apart.
  • Silver Llama: After opening the circular pit, climb down and drop activate the waterfall to raise the water level. Drop into the cavern below, then climb up onto the rocks. Straight ahead, there’s an alcove on the right with this collectible.
  • Golden Inca Cup: Escaping the crumbling temple section, you’ll reconvene with Sully up some steps. Before heading down the steps after the cutscene completes, return to this room’s entrance. There’s a stone slab with the treasure to the left.
  • Silver Turtle: Once Nate is out of the temple, you’ll be in a courtyard with several pillars. Jump onto the low pillar on the right, then across the series of three to the last one with this chapter’s final collectible.

Chapter 3

  • Gold Tairona Pendant: Past the waterfall, you’ll climb a rock wall and use vines to swing. At the second vine, jump to the ledge then hop up once. Instead of continuing on to the left, move right and climb into an alcove. The pendant is up here, right above the second vine.
  • Gold and Turquoise Earring: On the U-Boat, run all the way to the far end hanging over the cliff.

Chapter 4

  • Silver Inca Figurine: Just as the chapter starts, swivel around and hop over the low wall. It’s just opposite the direction your camera is facing.
  • Silver Fish Charm: After kicking down the gate doors, you’ll approach another little waterfall pond. Look to the left, near a cluster of trees.
  • Gold Frog: Continue upstream until you reach the log Nate needs to balance on. Before stepping onto it, drop to a high platform just beneath the rocks to the right of the log.
  • Intricate Gold Ring: After dealing with the pirates in the arena filled with archways, look for a low pillar to the left of the entrance. Climb up and walk across the columns, then jump to the raised area on your right. There was an explosive barrel up here. Look in the corner, under the tree’s shadow.
  • Patterned Silver Ring: Kick down another door, and fight through until you reach a second courtyard. Through the doorway, after clearing the thugs, look for a head-height ledge to the left.
  • Golden Jaguar: Continuing forward, you’ll reach an area with a ruined wall complete with doorway on the left. Run past this little ruin and run all the way left to the jungle border.
  • Silver Inca Vessel: Up the river, you’ll reach a stone ramp and a hanging tree log. Before jumping to the see-saw log, drop into the low area. There’s a treasure to the right.
  • Golden Toothpick: Fighting through the pirates in the area with the plane wreckage, you’ll eventually exit through a doorway leading out to a cliff. Turn right just as you step through the door opening.
  • Silver Bird Vessel: Climbing across the cliffs, you’ll drop down then reach solid ground again. Before heading back into the jungle, look on the cliff’s ledge for a jutting rock with a tree growing out over the drop. There’s a treasure behind these two landmarks.
  • Silver Inca Earring: After passing through a forest of dense swinging spike traps, immediately turn left and head up the narrow hill path. At the top, there’s a treasure to the right.

Chapter 5

  • Strange Relic: Once Nate is inside the old fortress, head up the ramp to the ramparts and move left. There’s a multi-level building inside the fort you can jump to from the fort walls. Leap to the rooftop and look in the corner to the left.
  • Silver Jaguar: In the same area, return to the ramp and take a right instead. Follow the path, jump across the rubble, and enter a tiny tower interior.
  • Silver Gold Mosaic Inca Earring: Still, in the same section, drop into the lower fort near the Silver Jaguar collectible. It’s the area with the two ramps. To the right of the ramps, there’s a closed metal gate in the center. Jump over the rubble to find a treasure.
  • Golden Spoon: After escaping the hallway with the machine gun you’ll climb into a small room with steps. Take care of the pirate, then check the area to the left of the stairs.

Chapter 6

  • Silver Inca Mask: Take the steps up to the fort walls from the courtyard with the jeep. There’s a white tree growing from the wall — look behind this tree.
  • Spanish Silver Coin: Moving into the yard with the crates, past the parked truth, there’s an arched tunnel at the far end. Before entering this tunnel, climb the wall to the left of the entrance.
  • Silver Tairona Pendant: After completing the turret sequence, head down the steps, jump down and take more steps into a room. Look in the small alcove to the right of the steps at the bottom.
  • Gold Llama: Later in the chapter, you’ll reach partially destroyed stairs. Instead of going up the stairs, climb the ruined wall to the right of the base of the steps. Continue up to the rooftop above and clamber over the wreckage on the ceiling to find a hidden treasure.

Chapter 8

  • Decorated Silver Ring: Get out of the water early in the chapter and turn right as you enter the arena filled with pirates. There’s a corner right near the entrance with the collectible.
  • Silver Frog: After riding on the jet ski, you’ll enter another shooter sequence. Cross the bridge and fight through the area. There’s a square building in the back corner with rubble inside. Hop in and look to the right to spot a glowing collectible.

Chapter 9

  • Golden Fish Charm: Hopping over the gate and continuing into an arena with a grenade launcher goon at the base of the tower. Check near two blocked archways to the left of the tower entrance.
  • Jeweled Golden Brooch: Taking the zip-line into the Customs building, you’ll drop down into a room with stairs. Take those steps into the lower section to find the treasure.

Chapter 10

  • Silver Belt Buckle: Taking a corner, you’ll face a room with a sniper and a grenade launcher pirate watching the entrance. Take the stairs up to the right just as you walk in. There are boards at the top, with the collectible in the corner.

Chapter 11

  • Spanish Gold Coin: Past the cutscene with Sully’s reveal, Nate and Elena continue through the massive structure to take on more pirates. Up the stairs, you’ll reach another large staircase that splits left and right. Take the right path and look in the corner at the top.
  • Silver Spanish Chalice: After crossing the bridge with Elena, go down the stairs to the left. Move all the way down and look in the space between the steps and the wall to grab one more collectible.
  • Goat Coatimundi: Leaving the Customs House and taking the stone arched tunnel, you’ll reach a sewer-like area with a pirate. Take care of the pirate, and cross the sewer to a closed metal gate with three stacked crates.

Chapter 13

  • Golden Turtle: At the river, there’s a building to the left of the bridge with a water-wheel. Drop down onto the old stonework between the wheel and the bridge.
  • Silver Inca Cup: Kick down the gate, then continue on to the cutscene ahead. Drop down beneath the steps and look in the running water below the arched bridge.
  • Jeweled Silver Cross: After shooting the pile of explosives and allowing Elena through, look in the alcove to the right of the barrels.
  • Gold Spanish Chalice: Deal with the mercenaries in the town courtyard, then look toward the church. Left of the church is a road, and further left of that is a walkway. Climb up and search the corner.
  • Silver Toothpick: In the same area, look to the right of the church itself. There’s rubble blocking a road with another treasure collectible.
  • Silver Coatimundi: One corner of this courtyard has a dark tunnel leading into a dead-end zone with the third treasure collectible.
  • Gold Cup & Cover: After opening the secret library door, take the steps down and look in the back left corner of the first room you encounter.

Chapter 14

  • Golden Inca Vessel: Look right just as reach the base of the steps. This is right as the chapter begins, so don’t continue too far or you’ll miss it.
  • Gold Skull: Further in the underground crypts, Nate will shimmy across the hand-holds until her reaches some steps next to running water. Look behind the waterfall for a golden skull.
  • Silver Snuff Box: Taking the stairs up and leaving through the floor panel, the secret hatch will close. There’s a fixed camera angle here — run toward the foreground, there’s an area obscured by a rock from the camera’s position. The treasure is right there.
  • Silver Spanish Goblet: In the church, shoot both bells and climb down into the pit. Inside the crypt, look behind the first sarcophagus to the left.
  • Silver Ingot: Hopping over rocks and reaching another cutscene with Nate, you’ll hop another gap and take steps down to the left. Instead of using those stairs, drop into the alcove past the steps.
  • Gold and Ruby Inca Mask: At the very end of the chapter, you’ll need to use a chain pulley system. Check in a corner opposite the device.

Chapter 15

  • Gold Inca Figurine: At the start of the chapter, head back down the steps and look in the space between the stairs and wall to your left. There’s a gnarled tree next to the treasure.
  • Golden Bird Vessel: Climb through the window and fight across the balconies, jumping over the gaps. Eventually you’ll reach a split; a dead end path to the left, and deeper into the chapter straight ahead. Go left and check out that dead end corner.
  • Golden Spanish Goblet: Crossing over to the ledge overlooking the main church chapel with the hanging chandeliers. In the back right corner, there’s a dark alcove with this goblet.
  • Jeweled Golden Cross: Once the stained glass window with the heart lowers, Nate will need to jump to it and enter the secret room. Check the empty corner to the right.
  • Silver Skull: After the massive gunfight in the cemetery, check the back right corner behind one of the mausoleums. There’s a narrow corner between the back wall and the mausoleum. It’s right below one of the low walls Nate can clamber up.
  • Golden Inca Mask: From the previous collectible, clamber up the low section of the cemetery wall and look behind the single grave to the back right.

Chapter 16

  • Silver Cup and Cover: Enter the complex room with Elena, and she’ll wait on the right. Follow the path to stairs up, then around, to a treasure item.
  • Jeweled Silver Brooch: Take the steps up and avoid the swinging fire traps until you find a bronze metal plate “III” on a pillar. Jump to the wooden scaffolding to the left of the plate.
  • Gold Snuff Box: Later, Nate and Elena will climb a wooden spiral staircase then head down steps, taking a right to an even larger set of stone steps. Part of the way down, look right for an out-of-the-way platform attached to another pillar. Hop over to it and grab the chapter’s last treasure.

Chapter 18

  • Gold Monkey Figurine: From the bunker’s larger room filled with loose chairs, continue down the narrow hallway, dodging mutants, and take the second right. Then take the second left into a dead-end. There’s a treasure ahead of the rubble near an MP40 pick-up.

Chapter 19

  • Golden Seadragon Pendant: Late in the chapter you’ll have to deal with swarms of mutants fighting mercenaries in a room filled with stacks of crates. Climb the stack of crates along the left wall, then jump to the stack of two, and finally the the last stack of two.

Chapter 20

  • Gold Ingot: At the start of the chapter Nate lifts himself up and escapes the bunker. Before continuing on, turn around and look near a rock next to the hole’s back left edge.

Chapter 21

  • Golden Skull Rosary: From the candle chamber, drop into the crypt and go down two more floors. Take a right, then another right in the longer hallway to find your rosary.
  • Sapphire and Silver Mask: From the rosary, continue down the hallway then run down the steps. Straight ahead, there’s a pillar. Look behind it to get the final treasure of Drake’s Fortune.

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