Collect Secret Squirrels in the Awesome Level Max DLC for Trials Fusion

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Awesome Level Max includes five new squirrels for Trials Fusion maniacs to hunt down. See where to find these new Easter eggs and collectibles with our locations guide.

Those furry, sassy rodents return in the (probably) final DLC for Trials Fusion. The unofficial mascot for this tricky series of motorcycle platformers is hidden throughout a total of 45 tracks at this point, but we’re covering the last five here, all included in the RedLynx portion of the RedLynx vs. All-Stars tracks section. Some are easy, some are impossibly difficult to figure out on your own. See them all with the instructions below.

Squirrel Locations Guide

Work-In-Progress: There are five secret “Squirrel” collectibles hidden in the Awesome Level Max DLC. Check back later for updates.

Squirrel Location #1:

  • Track: Fish and Ships
  • Location:

    The first squirrel location is simple, even a beginner can collect it. Drive through the track, through the ship wreck until you reach a checkpoint marker with a discarded ship’s wheel in the foreground.

    Once you reach this checkpoint, put on the brakes and wait a few seconds. The pirate squirrel will appear from the bushes and fire his pistol, signifying that you’ve collected him.

Squirrel Location #2:

  • Track: Seismic Activity
  • Location:

    At the first checkpoint, jump the small gap to the raised highway ramp. Approach the top of the ramp, then roll backwards into the gap you just jumped below.

    If you have enough momentum, you’ll roll into an open doorway beneath a RedLynx developer logo. The door will close and a short scene will play out. Watch it all, and you’ll get the second squirrel of the DLC.

Squirrel Location #3:

  • Track: Trials of Ice and Fire
  • Location:

    From the beginning of the track, drive until you ramp up the wall with the red fabric hanging over it to the wooden floor that falls out from under your driver.

    Instead of falling into the breakable floor, drop your front tire over the ledge, then back up and roll down the hill path. There’s a fallen tree down at the start of the hill. Crash into it to gain your third squirrel.

Squirrel Location #4:

  • Track: Adelopodia 9
  • Location:

    Progress to the last leg of the track where a four-pronged plant monster appears out of the water, forming a ramp with it’s body. Get past it to the checkpoint at the base of a fallen log.

    Drive up the log with the burning fire at the tip top. Bail out at the fire, then aim your rider so that he falls into the open hatch of the nearby roof. If you manage to drop inside, you’ll get the fourth squirrel.

Squirrel Location #5:

  • Track: Frontside Ollie
  • Location:

    To get the final squirrel, continue through the track until you reach a flying checkpoint behind a rounded ramp with a circular hole. It’s visible from an earlier point in the track and very distinctive.

    There’s a checkpoint at the top of this circular ramp. To unlock the squirrel, carefully creep up to the right edge and touch the blue marker with your front wheel. It’ll turn white.

    Now back up roll into a hole beneath and to the left the circular ramp. There’s a ramp here you can use to backflip and reach the high ledge to the left, allowing you to continue backing up.

    Back up on the area with three blue markers, touch the left-most marker to turn it white. Now drive back up to the top of the circular ramp’s checkpoint and you’ll unlock a cutscene, giving you the last squirrel of the DLC.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Brawlin’ Squirrels (50 points / Bronze):
    Find all 5 squirrels on Awesome Level Max.

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