Tiga, a trade association representing game developers in the UK are saying the current recession is a ‘golden opportunity’ for foreign investors.

Seemingly eager to apply a silver lining to the current economic cloud, Tiga has proposed that the reduced value of the pound means that hiring British talent is a much more viable option for Japanese and American publishers.

Richard Wilson, CEO of Tiga, said: “For the last decade British companies have had to rely on the UK industry’s well-deserved reputation for quality. Now we can compete hard on price as well as quality.”

Wilson may have a point, as some of the best games of 2008, including Fable 2, Little Big Planet and Grand Theft Auto 4 were developed in the UK, but with the troubles already facing studios like Free Radical and Factor 5, you have to wonder how much of an industry will be left before too long.

Source: Game Daily

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