Hulu and Sony Pictures TV are apparently in preliminary talks that could lead to a new streaming lease on life for Dan Harmon’s Community.

Community may have very well been the most glorious TV shows to come out of network television in years. The brainchild of Dan Harmon, it combined clever writing, flawed but likable characters and heaping dose of nerdiness to fashion a show that might hit a “will they, won’t they” story one week just to transform its cast into pixelated video game characters a few weeks later. As incredible as it could be, its ratings frequently weren’t the best and it existed in a perpetual state of near cancellation until NBC finally pulled the plug at the end of its most recent season.

Fans of the show may want to hold off on any further #darkesttimeline Tweets, because recent reports are pointing to a potential return for the series on Hulu. According to said reports, the popular steaming service is apparently in talks with Sony Pictures TV to discuss a possible deal that could lead to a sixth season for the show. While sources are stressing that any talks are just preliminary, there is apparently interest on both sides.

Just personally, the very potential of this deal has me pretty danged excited. I’m a big fan of Community and while I could still be happy with the show ending on the note that season five closed on, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want more. That being the case, you can bet that I’ll be among the throngs of fans watching and waiting to see if Hulu can help Dan Harmon reach his famous goal of “six seasons and a movie.” Heck, they could just put out a third Dungeons & Dragons episode and I’d be pleased.

Source: Deadline

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