Community Terrified By Google Street View Prank


A nine-year-old freaked out her entire neighborhood by playing a prank accidentally caught on Google Street View.

When you’re getting directions from a friend and he tells you to “turn right at the dead girl,” either a prank was caught on Google’s Street View or he lives in a really bad neighborhood. Thankfully, this is a case of the former, with a nine-year-old playing dead to scare her friend caught by a Google Street View car.

Google’s Street View camera cars perpetually drive through the world’s neighborhoods, taking pictures in 360 degrees to help the users of Google Maps find their destinations more accurately. The robots that run these cars apparently have no regard for human life, with one passing face-down nine-year-old Azura in the UK and doing nothing about it. Azura’s image was uploaded to Google Maps and is still available for everyone to see.

When residents of the neighborhood saw the image online, they called police who discovered the girl was only playing dead to scare her friend. Thanks to technology, she ended up pranking the entire world instead. Azura says she wasn’t aware that the Google car was passing, but kids are pretty savvy these days and I think there’s the possibility that it was intentional. She says she “fell over” and “thought it would be funny to play dead.” Either way, drivers in Worcester, UK need to make sure they don’t use the face-down girl as a driving landmark, because she’s since moved.

Source: Telegraph

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