Commute-Case: The $6000 Transformer You Can Ride To Work


It’s like Optimus Prime, if he was an electric scooter.

Science fiction has always inspired innovation. For instance, our cell phones don’t just imitate the Star Trek communicators of old, they positively outshine them in every area (except for range). Now, another aspect of science fiction is coming to life with the Commute-Case, a briefcase which transforms into an electric scooter and then back again. While it might not be George Jetsons’ collapsible car, it’s as close as you’re going to get for $6,000.

As the video demonstrates, the Commute-Case is a scooter in disguise. You can either carry it about as a 27lb briefcase, wheel it behind you like luggage, or ride it about like a boss. Unlike transformer toys, it does the whole sequence with the press of a button. It’s designed to take you to and from public transportation, so it’s not going to help you if you have a long commute, or live in a frozen wasteland like Wisconsin.

While it seems like the kind of pitch video a design student might make, Green Energy Motors seems pretty serious about getting these produced. If you pre-order a Commute-Case, they’ll knock off 50% off the price and throw in a free t-shirt. Even at the discounted $2,995 price, that’s still an awful lot for a fancy electric skateboard. I prefer to think of it as a portable Segway, only one that’s less likely to throw you off a cliff.

Source: Green Energy Motors

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