Complete the Tree of Life in Toren With Optional Dreams

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Don’t miss out on miss-able dream sequences while climbing the mighty tower of Toren. Spread across a lifetime of ascent, there are five extra monk NPCs that lead to new dreams. Find their locations with our quick tip guide.

In Toren you play as Moonchild, a young girl sent to climb a massive tower. As the years go by, Moonchild grows from a literal child, to a teen, to a young adult and beyond. Moving from chapter to chapter, the player must experience surreal dreams — but not all of these dreams are required. To earn the “Enlightenment” trophy or Steam achhievement, Moonchild needs to complete every single dream. Don’t miss out, check out what you might be missing with the tips below.

Enlightenment Guide

To unlock the “Enlightenment” trophy / achievement, Moonchild needs to experience every dream on the Tower. Many of these dreams can’t be missed during normal progress.

While climbing the tower there are five optional dreams provided by monks. Track down and speak with these NPCs to complete the tree of life.

Optional Dream – Monk Locations

  • Monk #1: Chapter 1 – The first monk is along the main path. Climb the steps up to the tall statue with three square stone runes. He’s sitting to the right.
  • Monk #2: Chapter 1 – Backtrack past the deer and go up the wooden stairs to use the telescope. Enter the tower and check the dead end to the right of the interior.
  • Monk #3: Chapter 5 – In the tower, Moonchild sneaks behind pillars while a creature watches from the background. Continue to the final pillar and attempt to pass the sitting monk to enter this dream.
  • Monk #4: Chapter 9 – Very close to the starting point of the chapter. It’s right at the beginning.
  • Monk #5: Chapter 10 – As the chapter begins, head down the path straight ahead, up the stairs, across the bridge and complete the required steps until Moonchild backtracks to the tower. The monk is sitting on the exterior of the tower when you return.

Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Enlightenment:
    Complete the Tree of Life.

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