Complete Your Tape Collection in Metal Gear Solid 5 With These Locations

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Expand your music collection in Metal Gear Solid 5 with these cassette tape locations, infusing Snake’s latest adventure with even more ’80s flavor.

Notably set in 1984, The Phantom Pain puts Snake in war-torn Afghanistan and Africa. Even while he explores foreign lands, there’s plenty of pop-music nostalgia to uncover. See where to go to fill in your cassette tape collection — you can’t just keep listening to David Bowie covers forever. Don’t forget, you can assign these tracks to play whenever you call a chopper in the area to make extractions extra dramatic.

Discover even more secrets in MGS5unlock hidden Paz cutscenes, then uncover the true Phantom Pain ending with our guide explaining every step.

Cassette Tapes Music Locations Guide

Listen for the tracks playing on radios while exploring the locations listed below. Interact with the radio to collect the track and add it to your cassettes list.

Gloria: Nova Braga Airport, Africa – Second floor building, eastern airfield.

Kids in America: Da Shago Kallai, Afghanistan – Camp officer’s quarters, first floor.

Rebel Yell: Mountain Relay Base, Afghanistan – Under a tent near the large bridge camp.

The Final Countdown: Sakhra Ee Village, Afghanistan – Found in the far west house interior.

Take On Me: Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost, Afghanistan – Southern corner office in the main fortress.

Maneater: Lamar Khaate Palace, Afghanistan – Found inside the large palace commons.

Only Time Will Tell: Eastern Communications Post, Afghanistan – Communications hub building.

Love Will Tear Us Apart: Afghanistan Central Base Camp, Afghanistan – Search the tents further back closer to the OKB Zero route.

True: Kungenga Mine, Africa – Southeastern house interior on the opposite end of the mine crater.

Friday I’m in Love: Lufwa Valley, Africa – Search the large mansion’s second floor area, on a table.

Dancing With Tears in My Eyes: Ditadi Abandoned Village, Africa – Right next to the communications hub under a canopy.

You Spin Me Round (Like a Record): Lufwa Valley, Africa – Take the road northwest from the mansion and search the small outpost.

Quiet Life: Mfinda Oilfield, Africa – Check the large buildings next to the anti-air radar.

She Blinded Me With Science: Da Wialo Kallai / Da Ghwandai Khar, Afghanistan – Outpost located between these two areas.

Too Shy: Kiziba Camp, Africa – There’s a tent next to the anti-air radar post with the cassette.

The Man Who Sold The World: Complete the Prologue episode.

Behind the Drapery: Da Wialo Kallai, Afghanistan – First floor command building.

Love Deterrence: Da Ghwandai Khar, Afghanistan – Found in the structure where Kaz is imprisoned.

A Phantom Pain: Wakh Sind Barracks, Afghanistan – Search the barracks buildings, central back structure.

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