The Clueless Gamer plays Halo 4 to shoot napping aliens on “Planet Ambien.”

When we last saw Conan O’Brien’s “Clueless Gamer,” he was destroying nuns in Hitman: Absolution, which he called his favorite review game yet. Apparently, that hasn’t changed his attitude towards videogames, and he reminds us all at the beginning of his latest “Clueless Gamer” sessions that he “kind of hate[s] them.” This time, Conan’s taking on Halo 4, which is particularly interesting because he lent his vocal talents to the game. “I don’t know where, I don’t know how I appear, but obviously that’s gonna be the highlight of the game,” he says.

Conan looks exceptionally bored as his gaming partner explains the Halo mythology to him, showing just how ridiculous our hobby is to the outside world. After hearing about the sleeping aliens and AI partners, Conan moves on to his favorite part, shooting things. After blasting his way through the first few chapters of the game, he finds his cameo appearance with Andy Richter, noting, “Gamers must hate this. I’m talking about area rugs in their sacred game.” Naturally, Conan’s next move was to kill his character with an elbow to the face.

He praises Halo 4‘s “fantastic graphics” and the “absolutely gorgeous” Cortana, though his verdict on Halo 4‘s story and gameplay is unclear. At the very least, he seems able to handle a controller now, and it looks like he’s having fun, showing some progress over the course of the last few “Clueless Gamer” sessions.

Source: Team Coco

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