Behold Coco’s adventures in “Glaucoma World.”

Minecraft is perhaps the crowning example of indie game success. It came out of nowhere and hit it big, addicting hundreds of thousands of players who just wanted to keep mining all day long. Sadly, comedian Conan O’Brien isn’t one of them.

On a segment of his series aptly titled “Clueless Gamer,” the videogame-illiterate Conan and a more experienced buddy dive into the world of videogame reviews. By popular request, the first (and perhaps only) game the late-night comic tackles is Mojang’s mining extravaganza.

And as you can see, the guy just doesn’t get it. In all fairness to Conan, the appeal of Minecraft is in its infinite replayability and crafting, which non-gaming laypeople obviously aren’t going to experience in a few minutes of play. Beyond that, the segment is clearly meant to be funny rather than an honest and serious review.

That said, I bet that Team Coco is receiving some angry mail from Mojang fanboys. You know the type.

Source: Team Coco

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