Conan: Rise of Monsters Miniature Game Hits Kickstarter


Pulposaurus Entertainment is seeking $250,000 to produce its miniatures strategy game Conan: Rise of Monsters.

Back in March, we had the pleasure of helping to spread the word about Conan: Rise of Monsters, a new tabletop miniatures game aimed at delivering a strategic experience based in the world and adventures of Conan the Barbarian. At the time of its initial announcement, its creators at Pulposaurus Entertainment indicated that they planned to a launch a crowdfunding campaign for the game later this year. Last week the company made good on that promise, launching a Kickstarter campaign aimed at making the game a reality.

That campaign, in turn, has already met with considerable success. While the Kickstarter has yet to hit its $250,000 goal, it’s managed to raise more than $95,000 in less than a week and gain more than 550 backers. That so many would jump onto the project so quickly shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. This isn’t the first time tabletop gamers have dug deep to support a Conan game, after all. Earlier this year, for instance, Monolith Board Games’ Conan managed to rake in more than $3 million from fans of the beloved barbarian.

Time will have to tell if Rise of Monsters can achieve a similar level of success. That said, it certainly looks like a project with appeal for strategy gamers. Focusing on a conflict between Conan’s Circle of Iron and Thoth-Amon’s Legion of Set, the game will employ a variety of pre-painted miniatures, Destiny tokens and play cards that should give prospective commanders a wide range of options regarding how they construct and deploy their armies. Pulposaurus is currently planning to release two starter sets -one for each faction- as well as a variety of add-on units that players will be able to purchase to expand their forces. Each starter set will include 15 miniatures, an in-depth rule book, custom dice, cards, tokens and a selection terrain sheets. A campaign book is also planned as are a variety of stretch goals including starter set improvements and additional add-on units. If any of that sounds even remotely attractive to you, we’d encourage you to drop by the Kickstarter and check it our for yourself.

Source: Kickstarter

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