Conquer Azeroth, Get Low Monthly APR With World of Warcraft Visa


Themed credit cards are nothing new, but the First National Bank of Omaha has come up with an interesting new twist aimed squarely at gamers – a card that offers World of Warcraft game time rewards.

The World of Warcraft Visa card is available to U.S. residents with a World of Warcraft game account, putting one percent of every dollar spent on “qualifying purchases” toward time in the game and giving cardholders a free month of play the first time they use the card. The cards are available in 13 different and very sexy designs, with detailed artwork featuring the game’s various races, including Night Elves, Tauren, Dwarves, Trolls and of course, Orcs and Humans.

It may seem like kind of a weird rewards program, but with 11 million subscribers, many of whom would leap at the chance to publicly declare their WoW allegiance – not to mention the potential for free play time – I think it’s a brilliant move. Even more importantly, it’s yet another sign that gamers are being recognized as adults, and taken seriously for the “cultural demographic” they represent. Of course, laying down your World of Warcraft Forsaken Visa may not get you taken seriously by the maître d’, but sometimes legitimacy has to come one step at a time.

You can learn more about the new World of Warcraft Visa card, or even apply for one online, at the First National Bank of Omaha or

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