Conquer Trials of Osiris to Earn a Secret Area in Destiny’s House of Wolves

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Go for a flawless string of victories to unlock the new Trials of Osiris secret area in the Destiny House of Wolves DLC.

Mastering the new arena combat mode allows lucky hunters to enter a brand new social area complete with valuable treasure. There’s more than a loot chest to find, too. Check out the guide below and see how to enter the Mercury Lighthouse, and what cool secret rooms you can find within.

To truly master House of Wolves, track down the last remaining dead Ghost collectible locations to complete the Grimoire database.

Trials of Osiris Secret Area

As a reward for completing the Trials of Osiris, the greatest guardians can access a location called the Lighthouse on Mercury.

This unique social space is purely for exploration and lore discovery — and grants the player some awesome rewards.

How to Get to the Lighthouse

To gain the Lighthouse social area on Mercury, you must complete nine (9) trials. You must get a victory in all Trials games.

Losing individual rounds within each Trials game is allowed, as long as you earn a victory in the end.

Check your Trials Passage scorecard for verification. There can be no red marks under “Game History”.

Treasure and Secret Area in the Lighthouse

There is a chest in the Lighthouse that grants Elemental Adept Trials weapons and unique Trials of Osiris gear. The chest resets weekly, so don’t forget to check it for new rewards.

After landing in the Lighthouse, head out toward the balcony over-looking the exterior of the planet. Stick to the right-side and look down — there’s a narrow ledge you can drop to.

Landing on this ledge, turn around and you’ll find a long, dark underground path. Follow it to reach a dimly lit room with a skeleton and some personal affects. Could this be Osiris himself? It could be!

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