Ed Vaizey, the Conservatives spokesperson for the videogame industry, has confirmed his party’s commitment to tax incentives for UK based developers.

Will UK based developers be getting tax breaks from an upcoming government? Ed Vaizey, a vocal supporter of the industry, claims that they will, despite a seeming lack of backing from the rest of his party.

With a general election in the UK only weeks away, if the Conservatives have decided to abandon the idea of tax breaks, we’re unlikely to hear about it until after the results are in.

According to Vaizey, however, his party is “emphatically, 100 per cent in support for game tax breaks. No ifs, no buts,” despite a proposed “mini-manifesto” outlining the Conservative’s policy on the matter, which was scheduled to be released last week, failing to appear.

Vaizey statement was a reply to comments made by his Labour rival Tom Watson, who said that there was disharmony in the Conservative ranks about giving the industry tax breaks. “Things move fast in an election, timings change, it is our policy to introduce game development tax breaks,” he said. “We are fully behind game tax breaks. This is my unequivocal statement.”

Source: Develop

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