Notch said that PS3 and Wii owners won’t be able to play Minecraft, unless they have a computer.

Markus Persson – the creator of Minecraft more commonly known as Notch – announced that his viral PC game would be coming to consoles this past E3. The nuts-and-bolts of adapting the controls to a gamepad aside, the proposition of Minecraft entering people’s living rooms was an exciting one. Unfortunately for people who own two of the three major consoles though, Notch said via Twitter that Minecraft will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 and it releases in Spring 2012.

Minecraft on consoles is Xbox 360 exclusive!,” said Notch before outing Microsoft’s producer for the project. “@newbreedofnerd [Stuart Platt] is (one of) our producer(s). Feel free to ask him about the Xbox version. ;D”

While gamers with just a PS3 or a Wii are out of luck, I think Microsoft’s console is the best fit for Minecraft honestly. There hasn’t been much official talk of it yet other than it is happening, but I can’t wait to see how Minecraft takes advantage of the Kinect interface.

The marriage of two of the most exciting user-based movements in the last few years – Minecraft construction projects and Kinect hacks – can only end in awesome.

Source: Twitter

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