Yes, it’s a zombie apocalypse co-op shooter on Kickstarter, but don’t run away before you’ve seen the video.

Yep, it’s a zombie apocalypse title looking for Kickstarter funding but, as it’s Friday, you deserve to be infected with Contagion. Besides, it’s not as though it’s never going to come out; it’s going to be on Steam later this year. In fact, it’s already in closed Beta, and the vast majority of the content is complete. “But we have to be realistic,” says MonochromeLLC, “we’ve run into some costs which would be a challenge without the support of our Fans.” Hence Kickstarter, and if ever you’ve wondered whether you really wanted another co-op zombie title with stealth elements, randomly generated maps, player death that results in a brand new zombie experience, objective-based gameplay, pvp free-for-all … look, just watch the video, hokay?

You can play offline, or online with up to 8 players. The Escape is the traditional get-to-da-choppa game mode, where you really want to find the escape point before the zombies get you, but there’s also Extraction and Hunted. Extraction has you bailing out NPC survivors, perhaps defending a strong point or two along the way, while Hunted pitches you in a free-for-all. But if things go really wrong, there’s always playing as a zombie, gathering up your fellow undead with your Roar ability and leading them in an attack on the very same stronghold you would have been defending moments earlier. If you’re worried that your all-too-human intelligence will mark out out as Target Number One, you can let the computer play your zombie for brief periods, effectively mimicking the mindless ones and gulling the survivors into a false sense of security, just before you pounce. Survivors shouldn’t expect to be able to shoot their way out of trouble; ammo is rare, and if your only plan is blast from the hip, you may end up on the menu.

Projected release for this one is October 25th, 2013. Pledging $15 or more gets you early access – it’ll be $20 a copy when it moves to Steam – and your pledge gets you Steam keys. This one’s looking for $50,000, has $28,435 at time of writing, and has 16 days to go on its campaign.

Source: Contagion Kickstarter

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