Bad cop: no donut for you!

Xbox 360s aren’t exactly cheap, but that doesn’t excuse a Florida police officer’s five-finger discount on the gaming console from a man stopped for speeding Friday. Later on, when the guy dropped by the station with his receipt and the original packaging in order to reclaim the system, it was nowhere to be found.

Police pulled over Kenyatta Hillman and a friend for speeding and decided to search the car after reportedly smelling marijuana. The search didn’t turn up any drugs, but did find an Xbox 360 and eight games. Instead of giving Hillman a speeding ticket, the officer decided to keep the gaming console instead.

“He said, ‘when you got your receipt and your box and stuff, call me and we’ll meet someplace, you show me the receipt and I’ll give you your game.’ I didn’t understand,” said Hillman in an interview on CNN regarding his conversation with officer who confiscated his Xbox 360.

Apparently, the officer ran the serial number on the unit, determined it wasn’t stolen merchandise, and took it anyway. Police said there had been a lot of burglaries in the area, and Xbox 360s in particular were prime targets for theft. Hillman feels he was singled out because of his physical appearance and the fact that he’s poor.

Pulling a guy over for speeding is one thing, but don’t take away the man’s Xbox 360.

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