Core Audience Will Love Kinect, Predicts Microsoft Exec


Kinect may make the Xbox 360 more appealing to a more casual demographic, but Microsoft VP Chris Lewis believes that plenty of the console’s core community will embrace it too.

Motion controls have some pretty vocal critics among hardcore gamers, but Microsoft’s Chris Lewis doesn’t think that that attitude is as widespread as it might appear. In fact, he believes that a “large slug” of the 360’s core audience will find plenty to like about Kinect when it’s released later this year.

Lewis thinks that the core audience will enjoy navigating around Xbox Live with gestures, and that games like Joy Ride will be very popular. He said that Microsoft remained committed to the core audience, and that it would still make and publish games like Fable 3 and Gears of War. He agreed with Peter Molyneux’s point that the second wave of Kinect titles would be very exciting to core gamers, and said that hybrid games, where Kinect was used to enhance a controller-based game, were likely.

Some gamers will scoff at the idea that a hardcore gamer would even want to be in the room as Kinect, let alone enjoy playing it, but just because those people are loud, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily right. It’s probably premature to say that Lewis is definitely right with his prediction, but it’s equally premature to say that he’s definitely wrong.

Source: Eurogamer

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