Sadly, Corpse Party doesn’t feature any cadavers doing kegstands, but it is a 16-bit sprite-based adventure game that’s making its way to the PSP. That’s nearly as good right?

Personally, I would visualize a corpse party, as something akin to the music video for Thriller. However, Corpse Party the game – note the capitals and italics – is an RPG-style, puzzle-solving horror game originally developed for the PC using the freely available mediocrity-factory RPG Maker. Corpse Party actually turned out pretty good, and, after developing a cult following, was ported to the PSP as Corpse Party: Blood Cover Repeated Fear. Now, thanks to publisher 5pb, it’s finally making its (official) way to North America as a downloadable title .

The game follows the jolly misadventures of a gaggle of bobble-headed anime teens trapped inside a haunted elementary school filled with dead children and grumpy ghosts. Despite the charming sprite-based graphics, it all seems a bit grisly. If you take a peek at the trailer (Warning, it’s a little bit on the unpleasant side), there’s one charming segment that details a child being stabbed in the eye socket until “her eyeball became soup-like in consistency.” So not really like a party at all then.

Gruesome as it is, Corpse Party achieved a lot of low-key acclaim for its storytelling, and the new updated version promises “uncensored horrors,” updated graphics and 3D directional sound. Look out for it on the PlayStation Store this fall.

Source: Joystiq

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